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personalised nutrition plan

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Naturopathic medicine promotes health through personalised nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle support. I help you address and reduce potential causes of ill-health, rather than focusing on masking symptoms (like conventional medicine).


During an initial consultation, I ask detailed questions & listen to your personal health story, allowing me to piece together all factors that may be contributing to your health concerns. I will interpret any blood work or functional testing you have had done previously.


You will receive a personalised treatment plan to help restore your health, including nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, supplements and herbs and, if needed, recommendations for (further) diagnostic or functional testing.


I am affiliated with Amrita Nutrition, a Practitioner only supplement and herbal website, allowing you to gain access to high quality products at a discounted rate.

personalised nutrition plans

Basic consultation

Bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plan aimed to reduce symptoms and boost health.

• Detailed online health questionnaire, to be completed by yourself.

• Supplement & herbal protocol

• Up to 35% off supplements

Post-plan coaching ($50)
Follow-up consultation ($170)

Premium consultation

1 hour consultation to determine root cause of symptoms and eliminate them for good.


• Bespoke nutrition, lifestyle, supplement and herbal protocol
• Detailed blood work analysis
• Comprehensive 3 day diet analysis

• Up to 35% off supplements
• Unlimited email & WhatsApp support
• 3 hours professional research
• Post-plan coaching

Discounted follow-up consultation ($150)

 Naturopathic Consultation
 Naturopathic Consultation

4 month plan

Commit to your health journey with this 4 month plan.

Includes all of the Premium Package, plus:

• 2 x follow-up consultations with additional protocols to follow
• 1 x 15 minute phone catch up


 Naturopathic Consultation
Men’s Testosterone Booster
Duration: 12 weeks

Testosterone has shockingly declined by 50% over the past 2 decades.

Unlock your true potential with my ground-breaking 12-week package. Reclaim your vitality, strength and confidence! This program will allow you to say bye-bye to fatigue, low libido and diminished motivation. Experience the transformative effects of heightened muscle growth, improved sexual performance, increased energy levels, sharpened mental focus and a renewed sense of confidence. My cutting-edge approach combines bespoke diet, supplement and herbal protocols with targeted lifestyle advice, to naturally balance your hormones and revitalise your body. Get ready to rediscover the best version of yourself.

Perfect if you experience:

hair loss
poor sleep
prostate issues
low libido
weight gain
mood changes
erectile dysfunction
 Naturopathic Consultation

Harmony within: female hormone balancing package

Duration: 12 weeks

Did you know 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances?

I have developed a transformative hormone balancing package, exclusively for women, to help empower you on your journey to optimal well-being. Mood swings; acne; painful periods and difficult menopause are not ‘normal’ signs of being women. These are signs something is off-balance.

My comprehensive approach combines a root cause approach, natural remedies, personalised nutrition advice and expert guidance on how to regulate your hormones, bring your body gently back into balance. Embrace the transformative power of hormone balancing and experience increased energy, improved skin health, boosted fertility and a restored sense of emotional stability.

Perfect if you experience:

weight gain
 Naturopathic Consultation

Age is just a number: Biohacking longevity package

Duration: 12 weeks

Unlock the secrets of longevity and learn how to redefine what it means to live a vibrant and youthful life. Through a holistic approach, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to extend youthful vigour and maximise your lifespan. This package is your gateway to bypass conventional limitations and gain access to advanced biohacking techniques, personalised nutrition/supplement plans, state-of-the-art lifestyle regimes and expert guidance, whilst pushing the boundaries of human potential. After all, age is just a number.

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